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 LexXxus has graced the dance floors for a steady 34 years. 

He started out in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada at a small club inside of one of the hotels at the age of 14 (Thank you Dwight) 

and then a year later off to a club called Shabooms. 

From there, City Limits and any club that had HipHop & EDM, LexXxus was there! 

Now after returning home from abroad, he is planting his feet deeply into the custom EDM studio.

Great Music

LexXxus has always had a natural ability to attract a large crowd with lines to the entrance going around the block. His ability to read the crowd, deliver exactly what they want, and keep the dance floors packed with all the tills ringing out full stacked! That's a great night!

Want a great Dj or Music Producer for your needs? 

You have come to the last stop you will ever need to make. 

Prepare for a huge roster of #1 EDM & HipHop hits from this music producer coming soon!!

Why Choose LexXxus?

(We'll let you do the math, you're smart!)

LexXxus has been booked all across the planet. 

If people are willing to fly him across the ocean, pay thousands in flight costs to play in multi -million dollar clubs/venues, 

he must be worth it! 

(easy math huh?) 


LexXxus @ Da Clubs

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Check out this great video


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Do you have questions, want to book a event, or collaborate on a new piece? Music is built on community. Reach out, and let's make magic happen. 

London, Ontario, Canada

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